Tuesday, August 2, 2011

McDonald's and healthier choices

Seems McDonald's has taken a small step forward in offering healthier choices for kid's Happy Meals (Consumer Reports: McDonald's to slim down Happy Meals).  They are including apple slices and reducing the size of fries with theses meals geared toward children.

Sadly, they didn't address the biggest culprit of poor nutrition - sodas.  As noted in an earlier blog, there are plenty of reasons NOT to drink soda. If McDonald's was more serious about nutrition than profit, this would be a slam dunk for them to change.  Water or milk would be far more favorable to soda as the default drink choice for  children's meals.  However, as I'm becoming increasingly aware, PROFIT is almost the sole corporate motivator.  Even with this slight menu change at McDonald's, it appears PR is the primary driver, not nutrition.

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