Friday, August 12, 2011

Home and garden invaders

Rabbit by garden fence
Rabbits and beetles and mice, oh my!

Yesterday we were under attack by some of mother nature's cute little creatures.  It started with the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit that I had to chase out of our fenced garden.  I cornered the rabbit and then got him run out through the gate, which I had left open.

We recently added a couple of feet of plastic webbing to the lower section of the garden fence, since the rabbit had been squeezing its way through the metal garden fence earlier in the year.  Apparently I need to more closely adhere this webbing to the fence, as it appears that once more this rabbit has figured a way to sneak through.  I guess those green beans have quite an appeal.

Then it was on to the grape vines, where I removed many dozens of Japanese Beetles.  They seemed to love our grape leaves for some reason.  I've heard they leave pheromones on items they enjoy eating, as markers for others to come and feast.  To remove the beetles I brush them off the leaves into a pan of soapy water.  They quickly drown in the water.  From what I've been reading there seems to be a widespread infestation of Japanese Beetles throughout the region.

Finally, while working at her computer yesterday evening my wife  spotted our cat, Mimi, chasing a mouse in our house.  The cat expertly chased the mouse behind some furniture.  The mouse ran out the other side, into the awaiting jaws of our dog, May.  May then released the mouse for me to take outside and let go in the park.

While I have nothing personal against these creatures, I just wish they could stay out of my home and garden.  Maybe some signage is needed?

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