Thursday, August 18, 2011

USA Ultimate Youth Club Championships

2011YCC logo
This past weekend I had fun watching the Youth Club Championships (YCC) held here in the Twin Cities at the National Sports Center in Blaine. I had special interest, since our daughter was playing for the girl's team from "Minnesnowta".  

Minnesota and Seattle girls playing after the game
This is a fast action sport, so figuring out how to capture it in photos can be quite challenging.  I've discovered it helps to anticipate where the disc (frisbee) is likely to be thrown.  

Throwing low through traffic
The weather was ideal for the tournament, which had teams playing from around the country. Rain the night before helped to soften the fields for the many players who "layed out" aka dove to catch/defend discs that were thrown.
Laying out for a catch in the endzone

I've posted a lot more pictures from the tournament on a Picasa website.

Minnesnowta Girl's Team

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