Friday, August 5, 2011

Riding "Coast to Coast for Kids"

Cedar Lake trail
I got in a nice 25 mile bike ride yesterday; over to the Mississippi River, down along the river and then across Lake Street, on to the city lakes and then back home again. In addition to great scenery it also provided a good workout. This ride pales in comparision to the bicycle adventure that Gary Walters and two of his teen aged children have taken on.

Hats off to Jessica, Reggie and Gary Walters who are 1,231 miles into their "Coast to Coast for Kids" bike ride to raise funds for Kinship Partners, headquartered in Brainerd, Minnesota.  They're currently on their first leg from Brainerd to the Atlantic. After they reach the Atlantic they'll be flying over to the Pacific Ocean to then bike back to Brainerd.

Jessica, Gary and Reggie Walters
For the past 8 years Gary Walters has done something far beyond his capabilities in order to fundraise for Kinship Partners mentoring program. You can follow the Walter's adventures on Facebook under "Walters Wacky Adventures". If you are looking for inspiration to do something you would think to be normally well beyond your physical capacity, Gary's a great role model!

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