Tuesday, August 16, 2011

American Osprey soaring

American Osprey morning shot
 Yesterday morning it was a pleasant surprise to see an American Osprey soaring above Bassett Creek Park.  Rather take than my usual extended walk I went home to grab the camera.  I was hoping it might make a plunge and grab a fish for breakfast.  No such luck.  The water was still quite murky.  Another osprey joined it for couple of circles around the pond.

Later in the day, when I was going out for a run, what do you know, but the osprey was back.  So, again I changed plans and got a camera back into my hands.  This time the light was much brighter, making for better conditions for photographing this magnificent bird.  Again, no luck on the fishing end.

Hopefully the osprey will be back and I'll be able to catch some shots of it capturing a fish.  I was able to do this a couple of years ago, but now have stepped up my camera and lens just a bit.
Osprey with afternoon sun and blue skies

One of the things I like about nature photography is that there is no schedule.  Things just happen when they happen.  However, it helps tremendously if you're prepared with the equipment, know how to operate your camera for optimal pictures,  are up early to capture the morning light, etc.  It also  helps simply to spend a lot of time outdoors looking for the beautiful shot, my favorite part of all!

PS  To get a better view of these pictures you can simply click on them with your mouse.

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