Thursday, August 4, 2011

Severe weather continues

Wind damage to trees in our yard
Damaged trees in western Wisconsin
 Earlier this week strong winds passed through our neighborhood, toppling trees and breaking off large branches.  I had never seen such strong straight line winds before.

This storm paled in comparison to the strong winds that ripped through some of eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin on July 1st of this year.  St. Croix State Forest lost thousands of trees in this rain and windstorm that impacted 161,000 acres.

Seems that the world's weather is in tumult.  A record 753 tornados were recorded in April of this year in the United States, eclipsing the previous high of 543 in 2003.

While it doesn't prove global warming is occurring, it certainly is concerning that all 50 states realized record high temperatures during the month of July.

Let's all do what we can to reduce waste and carbon footprints.  If we fail to do so, mother nature may not be as forgiving as we would like.

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