Sunday, August 21, 2011

Financial humor

Gold continues to soar
As downright depressing as the stock market is these days I thought it appropriate that I post some financial humor.  Perhaps better to laugh than to cry? These pictures were taken yesterday.

The U.S. sent Vice President Biden to assure nervous Chinese that we
are still good to pay back their one trillion plus of investments in our
treasury securities.   China sent these Shaolin Kung Fu martial artists to
the U.S. to remind us they still intend to collect.
The Shaolin Kung Fu presenters are at the Mall of America all week, promoting travel to China.

The American Osprey is fishing at Bassett Creek Park in the city of Crystal.  Both times I've witnessed the Osprey catching fish they've been gold.  Apparently one of the neighbors has been dumping gold fish into the pond.  I'm guessing it is much easier for the Osprey to spot a gold fish than a gray carp.

While the stock market has plunged, the price of gold is skyrocketing, up 30% this year.

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