Monday, August 8, 2011

Treasonous "patriots"

Here in the US we have a political group, the Tea Party, that seems intent on dismantling much of the government's role in society.  Seems ironic that these individuals run for political office when they don't believe in the value of government to serve the common good.

One recent example is their pledge not to raise taxes, despite a huge government deficit.  Earlier this year our Minnesota governor recommended a modest income tax on the wealthiest 2% of individuals to help address our budget shortfall.  This proposal was not even given a reasonable hearing by the Republicans, who were unduly influence by the vociferous Tea Party. The same resistance has been realized at the national level, most recently when the Tea Party extorted their no new taxes pledge upon the nation's government when it needed to raise the debt limit.

Our once stable, prosperous American society was upheld by a three-legged stool, consisting of the public sector (government and politicians), the private sector (business and corporations) and the nonprofit sector (charities that serve the public good).  Each of these sectors is dependent upon the others for their success.  For example, publicly funded research institutions provided much of the research that fueled corporate growth and innovation.  Businesses depend upon an educated workforce, which is primarily the result of quality public schools.  Nonprofits typically are funded through corporate and government funding, including most of those who are identified as "faith-based".  Environmental efforts are dependent upon the government to monitor and hold accountable individuals and corporations who, without restraint, might otherwise pollute and waste resources.

The Tea Party's belief isn't shared by all conservatives or those people that have prospered thanks to the American economy".  One millionaire who believes he should be taxed more to support the economy noted "Rich people aren't the cause of a robust economy, they are the result of a robust economy".  He understands that it is patriotic to pay taxes in order to support the common good.

In the effort to defund most all government services the nation risks cutting of its nose to spite its face.  This is not smart or pretty, and certainly not patriotic.

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