Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Construction of compost bin

Constructing compost bin
Constructing top
Yesterday I rode my bike by a community garden that was established earlier this year by Project Sweetie Pie in north Minneapolis.  A group of  young people were constructing a large compost bin with the help of the Compostadores.  This is a group that helps communities build compost bins out of wooden pallets and other recycled materials.  The Compostadores lead workshops on bin construction and also have instructions on the web that guide one through the process of compost bin construction.

Project Sweetie Pie
The community garden that was constructing a new compost bin is one of a number that was established this past year by a nonprofit start-up, Project Sweetie Pie.  I had a nice visit with the visionary Executive Director, Michael Chaney. An article, "Project Sweetie Pie takes youth from seeds to market", further describes the work that Mr. Chaney is doing to engage young people in urban farming and healthy lifestyles.
Project Sweetie Pie Community Garden

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  1. I have two compost bins made this way, but without the screens. The first one I used required some "purchased" hook and eyes so I could take them apart easily. My second (smaller) bin was all free because I tied the pallets together with old bicycle inner tubes I recycled from my garage. I might make one more this week to compost the sheep "fertilizer" Hans and I got last week. Mine are hidden in the backyard so don't need to look very nice.