Friday, September 3, 2010

Pop/soda? Just say NO!

Just say NO to soda
I was impressed by our daughter, Rachel, yesterday when she turned down the offer for a soda at the Armstrong/Cooper High School Orchestra picnic.  She's running cross country and the coaches have strongly encouraged the runners not to drink pop, because it is bad for them. 

I quit drinking pop last spring.  Just felt like I didn't need sugar water spiked with caffeine in my diet any more.  As we continue to hear about the obesity epidemic in America I am becoming an advocate for education on the harmful effects of soda.  It grieves me to see so many of our kids, and adults, starting the day with a soft drink.

What's so bad about soda?  Here are 15 reasons provided by eMedExpert
  1. Soda is useless (its just sugar water)
  2. Leads to weight gain and obesity
  3. Increases the risk of diabetes
  4. Weakens bones and increases risk of osteoporosis
  5. Decays teeth though destroying tooth enamel
  6. Increases kidney problems
  7. Increases blood pressure
  8. Likely to cause heart burn
  9. Risk factor for Metabolic Syndrome
  10. Harmful effects on liver
  11. Impaired digestive system (strongly acidic)
  12. Increases dehydration
  13. High caffeine content
  14. Toxins in diet pop (aspartame has over 92 side effects)
  15. Possible ability to damage cells 
Better substitutes for pop include water, tea, and juice.  Confession, I still drink coffee in moderation.

Possible action steps for you to consider. 
  1. If you're a current pop drinker, quit today.  It really isn't all that painful. 
  2. Substitute water, tea or juice for pop. But please don't buy prepackaged water in the  plastic containers. Use your own bottles/glasses.  Water tastes much better from a glass ;-)
  3. If you are concerned about the health of your friends/family share the reasons noted above with them and encourage them to consider alternatives to drinking soda.
I'm emptying the pop we have stored in our basement today.  Might be useful as a drain cleaner.

Drain cleaner

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