Saturday, August 27, 2011

Minnesota State Fair

Armstrong High School Marching Band
Went with some friends to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday.  They had a son playing in the Armstrong High School marching band.  The band looked and sounded great.  Wonderful that the Robbinsdale School District still provides a strong music program, despite the current state and national obsession on testing.

123' Wind Turbine blade
In addition to watching the parade we put on many miles hiking around and seeing the latest exhibits, foot tasting and people watching.

Notice this guy's hair?
The wind turbine blade is firmly planted outside of the Eco Experience building at the north end of the fair.  Always many interesting things there.  One of the cool things this year was plastic made from vegetables.

I also joined many others in posting pictures on TPT's "Capture Minnesota" website. Fun to see photos from around the state.  This coming spring they will produce a photo book once the project is completed.

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