Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Neighborhood Night to Unite

Shared beverage and food at Night to Unite
 I strolled down the street yesterday to a neighborhood Night to Unite party. There was a nice turn out of neighbors, sharing of food and hospitality.  Fun to seeing the kids playing together, drawing chalk figures on the street and riding their bikes, while the adults visited.  Sadly there aren't many opportunities such as these to get to know the neighbors, share political opinions, all the while enjoying food and beverage together.  

Night to Unite is designed to:
  • Allow residents to better know their neighbors.
  • Strengthen neighborhood involvement by connecting police and their communities.
  • Visit from Crystal Police Officers
  • Raise awareness of crime prevention and local law enforcement efforts.
We had a visit from a couple of Crystal police officers.  It was nice to meet them in situations such as this.  Much more preferable than from the back of a squad car or while receiving a motor violation.... or so I would imagine ;-)

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