Sunday, October 31, 2010

Many hands make light work

Barn along Hwy 70
Yesterday I drove to Wisconsin to help my brother take out a couple of docks and boat lifts.  His father-in-law was also there, ready to help.  Thankfully, before the three of us attempted to pull out the waterfront additions we traveled across the lake on the pontoon to see if we might be able to help out another cabin with their dock removal.  Turns out the five guys at this cabin were already done and sipping beers.  They in turn offered to help us out.   Thank God.

After heading back to my brother's cabin we discovered that the boat lifts were mired in the sand.  It took all eight of us, with considerable effort, to yank them free, up and out of the water.  Many hands indeed made for lighter work, and extended back health.  Next spring we're already planning to make this a combined effort.

On the drive back home I spotted this interesting barn, recently filled with hay, featuring the shadow of a tree.  I flowed my own blog advise and stopped to take a better look ... and picture ;-) 

The picture below is from Interstate 35 on the drive home.

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