Saturday, October 23, 2010

Role of community along the trail

Holden Village Dining Hall
Mule Deer grazing at Holden
While I enjoyed a full day out on the trail, mostly hiking by myself, I also loved being able to come back into the village to savor a meal of homemade pizza with the rest of the villagers. Then I was able to share the tales of my hike with others and relax in the supportive community of Holden Village. How much differently I would have felt after that long hike if I had to make my own dinner, pitch a tent, and keep the joy of my journey inside.

Many of us don’t have the benefit of having a long standing home base and supportive community. The United States is a country made primarily of immigrants, many of whom are now on trails a long way from home. Modern transportation and job opportunities/requirements have lead many families to become scattered across the country and globe. It is important for us to be welcoming of strangers, fellow sojourners, just as we would want to be welcomed into a new community.

Welcoming hug
Trail questions…

Where do you go to find your community support?

How might you be welcoming to the stranger in your midst?

If you have a faith community, how is it working to be welcoming to people from other nationalities and traditions?

Holden Village birds eye view

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