Friday, October 22, 2010

Sharing what we’ve learned from the trail

Piano duet, with teacher and student, during Holden's Talent Show
I’ve been blessed to have many people along the way that have led me along some great trails. These include my parents, teachers, family friends and coaches. Much of my life I’ve had the luxury of simply following in the tracks of people who have gone before and set great examples. I’ve been privileged to start my journey on the trail far ahead of many others from disadvantaged environments. For example, I’m sure many of the kids in the Kinship mentoring program I worked with for so many years had never even been hiking or camping, and may be never traveled outside of the city. It was exciting to help broaden those horizons.

Indian Paintbrush
Kids growing up today have a multitude of distractions, leading every which way, many of which are destructive. For earlier generations the choice of one’s life trail may have been dictated by one’s family, race, gender and class standing. It is a blessing that the trails for young people today are much more open to all. Yet finding one’s way on the dizzying array of trails is more challenging than ever before.

Kids may or may not do what adults tell them to do, but they most always will do what they’ve seen adults doing. It is important that in addition to providing oral guidance to our children that we also intentionallly walk our trails, knowing that whatever we’re doing is being observed and serving as an example. Kids are in greater need than ever before for role models and mentors.

Young helper at Holden Village
Trail questions…

How can/do I document what I’ve learned along the trail?

How can/do I share this with others?

Who are the people in my life that I can go to that will help me get on a trail to a desirable destination?

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