Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Do gooder" opportunities

A few years back after making a presentation on my work with Kinship's mentoring program to a service club an elderly gentleman asked me if I was some kind of a "do gooder".  I didn't quite know what to say, but without missing a beat the guy sitting next to him turned and asked, what are you, some kind of "do badder"?

A couple of "do gooder" opportunities to run by you.

1. Blood donation.  Here in the Twin Cities the American Red Cross and Memorial Blood Centers are taking blood for people in need. I made a donation of double red blood cells earlier this week.  While the wind was blowing fiercely outside I was relaxed in the burgundy lounge chair giving through the Alyx machine. It took about 45 minutes.  The biggest pain of the whole experience was going through the long list of questions which are asked at every visit.  Thankfully I didn't have a recent tattoo.  I was pleased to enjoy a cookie from the Cookie Cart afterwards.

2. Financial Donation.  Wilderness Inquiry is eligible a grant of $30,000 if they can get 300 new donors.  In an earlier blog posting I've got information on this great organization from a trip I took with them in September.  Their mission is to provide outdoor adventure experiences that inspire personal growth, community integration, and enhanced awareness of the environment.

Wilderness Inquiry trip to the Apostle Islands

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