Monday, November 1, 2010

Nicknames... lightening things up a bit?

Buses with nicknames at Holden Village... Pookie, Linnaea, and Honey
Aren't nicknames kinda fun?  I've been in touch with some friends from high school and college years and they've reminded me of nicknames from bygone days. 

Some of the nicknames from the cross country team I ran on at Luther College included; Cud, Ellie, Moon, Duke, LaDubie, Smitty,and Dots.  I picked up the name "10K".  This was given to me after I told some of the guys about skiing cross country at Minneapolis Central High School prior to coming down to Luther.  They asked about the race distance, and I simply noted it was 10K.  In Iowa, back in 1976, the distance10K was still a bit of a novelty.  Since then track and field, along with cross country has gone metric.  There are now countless 10K road races throughout the country.

"Little Critter" was my nickname while working at Wilderness Canoe Base in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  This was given to me by my big friend and roommate, Durell.  He derived name from the white cap I wore with blue lettering "LC".  This was a Luther College cap.  Being a cross country runner, I was, relatively speaking, a "little critter".  I hoped to pick up a similar LC cap when I was back to Luther for my 30th reunion. Now they only have caps with a decorative L. Just being "little" wouldn't have the same ring.

Seems to me workplaces might be a bit more fun it they encouraged the use nicknames. With all of the stress floating around nicknames might just lighten things up a tad. What do you think?  Try out a nickname with a collegue at work the next time you meet and let me know how it goes.

All for now,

 PS  Sorry to learn of the passing of one of baseball's greats... "SPARKY" Anderson.

11/1/10 sunrise with Oak tree silhouette

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