Friday, October 15, 2010

Packing lightly for the trail

Gerda, Chris and Noah on trail to Lyman Lake
On my big hike to Upper Lyman Lake I packed only my camera and a backpack with a food and water for the trip. I discovered even with this light load, the straps of the pack began to dig into my shoulders by the end of the hike.
I was reminded of the hiker that I met earlier in the week who started his 16 day hike with a pack weighing in at 90 pounds. He had been out bear hunting and was camouflaged from head to toe, and toting a rifle. Grinning ear to ear, he noted how he got his bear, which was now dressed out and staying cool in Ten Mile Creek. I was happy to only have my light load to carry.

I was reminded of the value of downsizing by someone who noted on how our possessions can weigh us down with all of the time they take to maintain.  For example, considerable the time it takes to maintain a home, yard and vehicles. When we’re spending time with possessions, its time we can’t be out enjoying the trails or the company of others (unless of course they're workign with us to maintain our stuff)!

While some of what we might carry on the trail might is of relatively little importance, and perhaps best not taken the journey, water is a must. I learned from the Washington Trials Association crew the importance of hydration. They like encourage drinking enough water so that their trial volunteer’s urination is “clear and copious”.
Chip on the trail to Holden Lake

Trail questions…

How much are you carrying on your back?

What might you be able to rid yourself of in order to make the load lighter?

Are you drinking enough water along the way?

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