Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trails yet needing to be blazed

Flower Dancing in the Wind sculpture, Chelan, Washington

Lyman Lake
Not all worthwhile destinations have trails. Some still need trail blazers to reach them.

It seems popular destinations have the most and biggest trails leading to them, which come in the form of four lane highways, and long lines. Yet isn’t the road less traveled often more rewarding?

Peace and justice issues usually require us to move in directions contrary to the popular public trails. However, as we all learned about lemmings in elementary school, sometimes groups run in mass of cliffs.

Lyman Trail
Many trails we head down we're likely never to reach the end destination. I've been down several trails which I know I won't see the end of, but are still worth the effort of traveling. I’m becoming increasingly okay with simply walking the challenging course, whether or not the destination can be reached in my lifetime. Working in the field of mentoring these many years there were always many more children than we could find mentors, but when we were able to find the right mentor for a child it often resulted in a dramatic life altering relationship for both parties.

Along with many others I've taken up the fight against the invasive species, Buckthorn, which is spreading rapidly and dominating the undergrowth of parks and forests, it even overtook the lilac hedge in my backyard. Like so many invasive species, it may not be eradicated, but we can work to contain it so that our ecological diversity isn't overly compromised.

While it’s great to have a destination, is not the real beauty of life in the journey itself, not simply the destination? I’ve had the thrill of winning a few road races in my youth and discovered how the quickly fading cheers after the race. I'm reminded by Lilly Tomlin that even if we win the rat race, we’re still rats.

Railroad Creek and Dumbell Mountain

Trail questions…

Are there some trails where you feel still need blazing?

Who are the trail blazers in life you admire?

What is it about these people you admire the most?

What are the trails you’re on that may be popular, but might not be getting you some where you really want to go?

Rainbow over Lake Clelan

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