Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A trail, a trail, what a beautiful thing!

During my 20 plus mile round trip walk to Upper Layman Lake from Holden Village I reflected on the value of trails in our lives. The most important benefit being a clear route to a desirable destination. Without a trail or map one could wonder aimlessly, bush whacking though life, and perhaps miss many of the worthwhile destinations that could have been reached via a trail.
Misty morning trail
At Holden Village, in the midst of Wenatchee National Forest, there are a plethora of hiking trails from which to choose. At the Hike House maps are available which indicate the length and difficulty of the trails, some leading to lakes, others waterfalls or scenic overlooks. I was told about a challenging trail leading to Upper Lyman Lake. Not only was the lake beautiful, but there were mountain meadows in route and a glacier at the far end of the lake. It wasn’t an easy trail, but I was assured it was well worth the long hike. Best yet, I was told I couldn’t get lost. That was comforting, since I’m one of those directionally challenged individuals, who sometimes even has to guess about which way is up.

So, after packing up a bag lunch and without a map or compass, I headed out on the trail, bright and early at 7:30 am on Saturday, September 25th. My hope was to be back in time for supper, which started at 5 pm. Pizza was on the menu!  Being something over 20 miles in mountainous terrain, I knew this would be no cake walk.

Railroad Creek
I headed out alone, though I knew there were two small groups of hikers planning to travel in the same direction on this glorious fall day. Having come 1,500 miles to Holden for rest and reflection I was looking forward to time on my own, and going at my own pace, allowing time to stop and take pictures.

Trail Questions….
What valuable trails have you experienced?
When have you been lead down the wrong trail that ended up in a dead-end, or perhaps worse?
What trail(s) are you currently on?
How did you get on your current trail(s)?
What might be your dream trail and or location?
What do you need to do to prepare for this jouney?

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