Sunday, October 3, 2010

Twin Cities Marathon inspiration

Saul Mendoza, top wheeler, finished in 1:41:58
Marine with flag

Lead pack, with eventual winner, Sergio Reyes, on right,
who finished at 2:14:02

Luther alumni, Adam Bohach, finished in 2:27:27
I joined about 100 volunteers from Robbinsdale Armstrong's cross country program today at mile 11 of the Twin Cities Marathon.  It was great to watch such a wide array of wheelers and runners make their way through the course.  

Of particular interest was Gary Walters, who I've come to know though his past efforts to raise funds for Kinship Partners in Brainerd, MN.  Gary's vertically challenged and weighs in at 270 pounds.  He looked to be hurting at mile 11, but hung in there for completion in about seven hours!  Wow, that's perseverance.

He's looking to do some skydiving next year.  Anyone interested in joining? 

His efforts were highlighted on WCCO television.

Gary Walters in blue shirt, finished in about 7 hours

Juggler, Barry Goldmeier

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