Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trail partners

Chris, Gerda and Noah on trail
I thought it best that I hiked alone on my big daylong track to Upper Lyman Lake and Glacier. A big reason for this was that I wanted to move swiftly along, yet often stop to take pictures. However, while taking a break on the shore of Hart Lake I noticed a threesome from Holden Village hiking along the high rocky lakeside slope. I quietly caught up with them on the trail shortly after Hart Lake. They were making their way to Cloudy Pass, but we shared a common trail for a few miles up to Lyman Lake, after which our paths diverged.

When I reached them Chris, Noah and Gerda were going at a steady, quite pace. Our silent hiking was interrupted briefly when Noah spotted a bear that rapidly ran off into the woods on the trail ahead. He offered to let someone else lead, and joking picked up a small branch as a defensive tool. We were all thankful self defense wasn’t needed.

Rest at lookout for Crown Point Falls
At the scenic lookout to Crown Point Falls we enjoyed a beak in the warm sun. What a pleasant conversation we had on that hike, with hardly a word spoken between the lot of us.

Crown Point Falls
Trail Questions…

With whom do you enjoy moving down the trail?

If you’re planning on a long hike, what are the things necessary for you and your partner to enjoy time together?

What is your hiking style; pacing, conversation, etc.?

What attributes do you look for in a partner?

What added value can you bring to time together on the trail?

View from Hart Lake, with hiking trail upper left (across rocky slope)

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