Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall reflections on the Tamarack

Fall reflections from the pond, with Tamaracks (yellow trees) in center

While hiking in the Cascade mountains I discovered they have Larch trees growing along the mountainsides. These trees turn a lovely yellow color before the needles drop. So while it is a conifer is also a deciduous tree, dropping its needles/leaves in the fall.

I didn't want to brag.... too much.... but I had to tell them we have Tamarack trees in Minnesota, which you don't need to go to the mountain to see.  Tamarack is a species of Larch, which looks great by the lake!  These pictures of the Tamarack are from Bassett Creek Park in Crystal, MN.  To the right of the Tamarack pictured above is a Weeping Willow tree and to its left is Red Twig Dogwood.

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