Saturday, December 31, 2011

Healthy and not so healthy eating in China

Home made bread
I listened with great interest to a story on National Public Radio about the changing eating habits of people living in mainland China.  I've long been impressed with the health and vitality of most of the Chinese people I've met, here in the US, Taiwan and mainland China.

Seems that with financial prosperity overeating, soda and unhealthy foods are emerging and leading to problems with obesity and poor health.  I'm reminded of a story about Daniel, the prophet from the Old Testament, who recommended to the king a diet of vegetables and water rather than rich foods and wine for his servants. After just 10 days the healthy results of this diet impressed King Nebuchadnezzar. (Daniel 1:12-16)

For people with more than enough the challenge is to demonstrate self restraint in order live and eat simply, and assist others who are lacking.  I'm reminded of a slogan from the 70's, "Live simply, so that others might simply live." And paradoxically, through living simply the richness and quality of life is actually enhanced.

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