Friday, December 30, 2011

Photography... it's all about the light

A view north at 5:45 pm
 If you've dabbled much in photography, or been around an enthusiastic photographer, you might have come to learn about the importance of lighting.  With outdoor photography there are 'golden hours' at sunrise and sunset that give a richness to colors that one simply doesn't get in full sun.

The importance of lighting is evidenced in the title of a book, "Chased by the Light", by my favorite nature photographer, Jim Brandenburg.  Information on a current photo exhibit in Minneapolis' Bell Museum of natural history is available from his blog.  By the way, it's free entry on Sunday afternoons!

A view north at 6:20 pm
Yesterday my wife and I visited the observation deck on the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis. It was phenomenal to see what a difference even a half of an hour of the sun's setting could make in a photograph.

Visiting the Foshay brought back childhood memories of when it once towered over the downtown landscape.  The 32 floor Foshay was the tallest building in the region when it was first constructed in 1929.  It now can be difficult to find, hidden among many skyscrapers.  It still however provides for a great vista of the town.

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