Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wisdom from 112 year old woman

On Tuesday of this week Ruth Anderson died after an incredible life, spanning 112 years.  In an interview a couple of years ago, at the age of 110, Ruth recommended "You do things. You think about things.... and then don't waste time fussing about things you can't change."  Pretty good counsel if you ask me.

Given Ruth's recommendation I thought I would repost a poem from an earlier blog entry.

Why worry about tomorrow?

     Why worry about tomorrow,
Waterfall near Holden Village
and the rising of the sun, 
or anguish over past mistakes
that cannot be undone?

     Why waste life's precious moment
on things that bruise the heart,
when today is ours to fashion
into a work of art?

     Today comes but once, my friend,
it never can return -
so use it wisely while you can
there's a lesson you may learn.

     Let history record the past,
and tomorrow come what may.
Be content to do your best,
with what you have today.
                                         -Clay Harrison

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