Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter walking tips

The following helpful guidelines for walking during the winter months were posted in the Sun Newspapers, by Anna Woodwick (Winter walking tips form senior commission).

  • When walking in a roadway, walk facing oncoming traffic (usually on the left) so you may take evasive action , if necessary.
  • Before stepping into a street, always stop and look left, right and then left again in order to see all oncoming traffic.
  • Even when you have a green light or "walk" signal permitting you to cross the street, watch for inattentive drivers.
  • Dress to be seen by drivers. During dusk and later evening hours, wear reflective or light colored clothing and carry a flashlight. (Editors note: headlamps work well)
  • Make full eye contact with a driver before stepping in front of a vehicle.
  • Be careful in parking lots and garages. Watch for backup lights and listen for engine noise.
  • Walk defensively. Many drivers fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, even though they are required to do so.
  • Don't be distracted by using cell phones, earphones, iPods or other electronic devises.

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