Sunday, December 18, 2011

Biking is not just for recreation

Biking isn't just for clowns!
(Crystal Frolics Parade)
Biking in the Minneapolis area has been catching on as a valuable means of transportation for many residents.  The number of bike riders has increased by over half just since 2007 according to an article "A new attitude about biking in Minneapolis?"  One of the keys to the rise in bike ridership has been the development of bike trails and lanes on the streets designated specifically for bicycles.  As a biker I can tell you it makes a huge difference to have a few feet on the side of the street dedicated to bicycle traffic.  It can be quite unnerving to ride close to the curb where often much gravel and residue from the street accumulates.  It is also nice to have at least a bit of space for bicyclist when cars, buses and trucks come whizzing by from behind.
Biker riding at two below zero near downtown Minneapolis

Besides the physical and mental health benefits, biking as a means of transportation also reduces ones carbon footprint.  For example, a bike commuter who travels five miles each way to work four days a week uses 100 fewer gallons of gasoline a year.  This would be approximately a five percent decrease in that person's carbon footprint, according to the Rails to Trails Conservation organization.

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