Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reflection brings clarity

Focus on reflection
Focus on sidewalk
Walking in a cold mist yesterday was a highlight of the day for me.  I was looking for pictures and discovered some literally right under my feet.  You see, there were beautiful reflections of the bare trees composed on the puddles which randomly formed on the asphalt sidewalk.

I recently heard from a photographer, who is also submitting photos on Capture Minnesota, that reflections are often more beautiful than looking at the image directly.

Sidewalk with puddles

Isn't life a bit that way also?  When we take time out to reflect on things we may see them more clearly than at the moment they are occurring.  Unfortunately, we live in a hyper paced world, where time for reflection isn't often valued or structured into the day.

In addition to the physical benefits of walking and running, the time they afford to reflect and think creatively works wonders for one's mental health.   Prayer and meditation are great vehicles for reflection on the past. I've also discovered photography allows time for greater examination and reflection on things, but much like prayer and meditation, doesn't provide much of an aerobic workout.

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  1. These images brought me to a stop. At first sight, it seems as if we're looking through glass defrosting. To know they are reflections makes them especially appealing. They show a great deal of thoughtfulness in being both in the moment and able to shoot it without disturbing the meditative quality evoked.