Sunday, January 1, 2012

Watching for Dick Tracy

This picture was taken earlier in the week from the Foshay Tower.  I call it "Watching for Dick Tracy", because it reminds me of the television cartoon "Dick Tracy" that I used to watch in the 1960's.  The show used to start with a black and white squad car driving through traffic in a busy city intersection, with all of the cars pulled over for Detective Tracy.  One of the cool features was his large wrist watch that had a video camera and phone feature.  Seems we're coming very close to that with the new smart phones.  Who knows, 2012 just may be the year that they introduce the "smart" wrist watch... perhaps an "iWatch"?

I was hoping to catch a police car screaming down the avenue, but couldn't wait any longer, as my parking meter was running out of time.  I witnessed a steady stream of buses heading south on Marquette Avenue, taking folks home from work.

My best to all the readers of this blog in the New Year, 2012!

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