Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thinking and talking while driving

It is interesting to follow the passionate range of responses to the proposed ban on cell/smart phone use while driving. I've become increasingly supportive of this ban, recognizing the tremendous distraction it creates, particularly when texting is involved.

In this fast paced world if one is alone in a car it seems a great use of time is simply to think and reflect, and of course, pay attention to driving. Most often I don't even listen to the radio, allowing for greater concentration.

When passengers are involved time in a car becomes a fantastic opportunity to engage in conversation.  Some of the best conversations with teenagers occur when they're in the back seat of a car being shuttled to and from practices, etc.  I recently had plenty of quality time to catch up with my parents on a 10 hour drive to Michigan and back.

Sadly, the advent of  cell phones and MP3 players is dramatically impacting the opportunity for dialogue while in a car.  Hum, wonder if while our legislators are at it they might consider a ban on all electronic devises in automobiles, for drivers and passengers alike?

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