Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to protest?

Heading over the bridge
It seems protests are in the air, from Madison, Wisconsin to Tripoli, Libya.  This is a time of turmoil for many who may have lost their jobs, or may be living under dictators or perhaps who's rights to collective bargaining are being threatened.

I must confess to never having actively participated in a protest.  Yet, when I consider my national and religious heritage, both were the result of protest.  The United States was born from a protest about taxation without representation.  The Lutheran Church was born from  the "PROTESTant" movement.  This was launched when Martin Luther nailed 95 Thesis to a church door,  upset by many of the things he saw occurring within the Catholic Church.

With tight budgets and food shortages occurring in many places throughout the world, it seems things are going to be stressful for some time to come.  We will all need to consider our personal and national priorities in this difficult time.

Out for a walk in the falling snow
Our nation's tax policy is a moral document that requires considerable deliberation and may indeed call for protest for those who's voice does not seem to be heard.  One of the flaws in the United States political system, which is heavily influenced by lobbyist and major campaign dollars, is that the voices of the poor, weak, young and our natural environment are too often missing or far less influential than others who bring great power and influence to the table.

This is a good time to write letters to your legislative officials and yes, perhaps, even get out and protest those things which you feel are unjust.  Perhaps you might even feel called to the role of a prophet, who's job it is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Come to think of it, isn't that what a just tax system does for society too?

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