Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Community gardens on the grow!

Valley of Peace
I'm researching community gardening for our church, Valley of Peace Lutheran.  We were awarded a grant from Hennepin County to develop a small garden, in conjunction with a local 4-H group.

As a part of my research I went to a potluck supper with folks from Valley Community Presbyterian, who have developed a community garden this past year, with great success. They ended up with more produce than they knew what to do with.  A good problem, but something of a problem none the less.

One of the participants attended a training sponsored by Gardening Matters, where it was noted there are at least 300 known community gardens in the Twin Cities area.  Wow!

Valley Community Presbyterian garden sign
There is a strong movement toward growing food locally and in a sustainable way that doesn't require too much fossil fuel, etc.  Unfortunately, here in the USA so much of what we purchase in the way of fruits and vegetables come from a tremendous distance.  As the economy has worsened and severe food shortages have become prevalent around the world I'm excited to work with people turning grass lawns into productive gardens.

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