Monday, February 7, 2011

Reducing clutter and moving to a Mac

I'm in a cleaning mood.  On Sunday I presented a workshop on "focus" to the adult forum at our church, Valley of Peace Lutheran.  It was noted that one of the keys to focus is minimizing clutter.  I have to confess that my home office was getting quite cluttered.  So, today I'll be working on filing or dumping CDs, newspaper clippings, pictures, and various papers sitting on my desktop and lying on the floor.

Home office
While I'm cleaning out my office I've been frustrated with all of the old CDs which stored information and software programs that are now obsolete. Thankfully with new storage options on thumb drives and removable hard drives, paired with the ability to download music and software directly from the web, the need for CDs will be greatly reduced/eliminated in the future.

An article "Sloppy home offices might need professional help" recommends that people create two folders to stand on their home office desk; one green folder to read "Bills to Pay" and the other red folder labeled "Take Action" for phone calls, letters to write, etc.

I'm also in the process of switching from a PC to a Mac.  I am amazed at the simplicity of the IMac we purchased yesterday. It is both elegant in outward design and also internal set-up.  Thanks to a wireless mouse, keyboard and processor built into the display unit it only required one power cord for hook-up.  I also added a cord for my printer cable (not wireless there yet) and another for external speakers.  I was thrilled to discover it  didn't come with a bunch of trial software that would later need to be deleted, or a hand full of CDs.  Simple is good, especially when it comes to technology!

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