Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nation's AmeriCorps program at-risk

If you haven't heard of the AmeriCorps program, the shortest explanation is to liken it to a domestic Peace Corps.  It puts young adults to work in areas of great need here in the United States.  AmeriCorps workers receive a minimal stipend upon which to live and partial forgiveness of college loans, in appreciation of their year of service.

This valuable program is currently being targeted for elimination by the US House Appropriations Committee. There is a campaign being sponsored by to advocate for continued funding of this domestic jobs program.  Seems at a time when jobs are about extremely hard to find, elimination of a program that puts young people to work in service to their country makes little sense.

UPDATE (2/18/11):  An editorial in the StarTribune which elaborates on this topic:  "End AmeriCorps? Short Sighted Idea".

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