Monday, February 28, 2011

Unemployed flying monkey seeking work

Ruby in flight
I've had the most unusual good fortune of getting to know a frustrated flying monkey named Ruby.  Seems she had worked on the set of the Wizard of Oz years ago, and ever since has been upset over the lack of steady work.  Things have only gone downhill for her since those golden years back in ’39 on the set of MGM.

Quickly after the block buster Wizard of Oz’s debut she was shocked to discover that rather than receiving the warm embrace of stardom, many shunned her and often clutched their children and small dogs whenever she was near. 

Sure, Ruby was able land a few jobs, but all were short lived.  She thought certainly she would have a great time working arm in arm with colleagues at Barrel of Monkeys, but was picked on relentlessly for having wings.  Envious perhaps?

Other jobs came and went.  Seems most didn’t take to her “monkeying around on the job”.  What is a monkey to do?

Many jobs ended after employee accidents, caused by workers slipping on banana peels, which my dear friend Ruby left lying carelessly on the ground. 

In addition to a difficult work history Ruby has also had numerous near death experiences since the rise of airline traffic.  Seems it is unnerving to fly now, even when you don’t need to go through airport security.

These days Ruby likes to fly with Canada geese (which I have pictured in an earlier blog) since they seem much more accepting of her wings than her monkey cousins.  The geese also do a pretty good job of watching out for each other, in order to minimize aviation accidents.

Know anyone looking to hire an honest, fun loving flying monkey?  Ruby’s the one you want.  She’ll even work for bananas.  Flight insurance would be a nice added bonus.

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