Monday, February 14, 2011

Forensic mystery: Huge bump in Sunday obituarys

Okay, while this topic doesn't relate directly to my blog theme of "savoring servant", it has puzzled me for some time.  Why is it there has been an enormous bump in the number of obituaries listed in Sunday's StarTribune, while this number has decreased through the rest of the week?  For example, just this past Saturday only 10 deaths were listed in the paper, while Sunday's number spiked to 131.  This morning's paper lists only 26 deaths. Given the newspaper printing "deadlines" I'm thinking these deaths may likely be occurring primarily on Friday night, and then being called in for publication on Sunday.

As a one time "paper boy" in the days of my youth I don't recall this radical difference in the number of obituary notices.  So, what is going on?  I've got a few ideas, but think further research is certainly warranted.

#1.  "Casual Friday's" have become way too casual and people are taking more risks than they should, leading to accidental deaths.

#2.  Jobs have become so stressful that after getting off work on Friday people are collapsing at alarming rates from exhaustion.

#3.  Too many people going out for fast food to celebrate the end of the work week and then dying from big mac heart attack.

#4.  When given the chance to "sleep in" on Saturday morning, some people are taking full advantage and never waking up.

#5.  People are simply dying to be noticed, and feel their chances are greatest of getting attention if they die just before Sunday, so as to have their family and friends see their names in the paper when it has the largest circulation, on Sunday.

Any further hypothesis?  I'd love to hear from you!

PS   Happy Valentine's Day to all.  Hope your day goes far better than it did for dear Saint Valentine, who was clubbed and beheaded on February 14th in the year of our Lord 270.

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