Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Presidential Medal of Freedom & everyday heroes

Bill Russell recipient of Medal of Freedom,
pictured at 2007 Angel of Mentoring Awards
It was a "who's who" of famous Americans receiving the President's Medal of Freedom award yesterday at the White House.  The honorees were noted for their contributions in the arts, politics, public service, sports and activism.

I would like to suggest that real heroes aren't just past presidents, professional athletes or well read poets.  The folks that I would like to see honored are those who haven't already received great acclaim for their contributions.  For example...
  • A classroom teacher who is able to affirm all of the children in the classroom and stimulates their interest in lifelong learning.
  • A music teacher that daily helps kids get started in learning and playing music, despite the painful sounds made by the young musicians
  • A volunteer coach who takes time out of his busy family and work schedule to help young kids, most of whom may never make a varsity level team, get a chance to learn and play a sport
  • A small town mayor who works diligently to listen to constituents in order to enhance the quality of life for all in the community
  • A stay at home mom or dad that sacrifices the financial and social rewards of paid employment for their child's long-term benefit.
Many, or perhaps most real heroes are never publicly recognized, nor paid for their service to their family, community and nation.

Kindness in words creates confidence. 
Kindness in thinking creates profundity. 
Kindness in giving creates love.   

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