Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beware of elopement?

I made a visit to the hospital yesterday and noticed a sign on the elevator next to the 4th floor warning guests to be aware of resident's possible "elopement".

Elopement, what's that about?  Is this a section of the hospital for people suffering from love sickness or broken hearts, whom they fear with treatment will suddenly get better and elope with other patients or staff?  Is this where the "love doctors" work?

Dog walkers at Bassett Creek Park
Or perhaps, the caution is regarding residents who really don't much like being in a hospital.  I recall my great uncle Truman that had to be carefully watched and restrained in the nursing home.  Once while visiting he requested me to check and see if I could get the window open.  As a 98 year old who had been a trapper, hunter, sportsman, ski jumper, woodcarver, prankster and farmer he was hoping for an escape out the window from this sanitized environment.

This concern about "elopement" could also be referring to patients who are hospitalized after committing some heinous crime, and were injured as a result e.g. shoot out with the police or being stabbed in a gang fight.

For now I think I'll just steer clear of the 4th floor...

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