Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bird's repurposing of waste product

Bird's nest repurposing freeze pop wrapper
I'm pleased to see that "repurposing" is becoming a growing trend.  Isn't it great to see something that might have been considered junk find another useful purpose?  Seems some industrious bird found use for a discarded plastic freeze pop wrapper.  (most visable lower left of picture)

My Grandpa, Ed Dybvig, was a great "dumpster diver".  He used to go to the junk yard and find things he could fix up.  He called the junk yard "Marshall Fields Annex".  As a retired patent attorney with General Motors he didn't need to be working with cast offs out of economic necessity, but seemed to find satisfaction and accomplishment in the effort.  This resonated with his frugal side, which is also now becoming fashionable!

If you have ever met my Grandpa Dybvig back in the day, a trend setter might not be your first impression, yet it appears he was one none the less!

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