Saturday, November 6, 2010

Creative designs in nature

Hooded Mergansers (male left, females right)

Female Mallard
God's got a fabulous imagination. Look at the great variety of insects, birds, plants, and yes, even people. 

We've had some really cool waterfowl at the pond recently.  The male Hooded Mergansers are especially dashing.  Nothing too drab about the male Wood Ducks either. 

Interesting that for many animals the males have the added color and features.  Maybe a way to get the females to like them? People weren't made this way.  However the clothing industry does what it can to add pizazz to our appearance.  Tattooing is an option for those that really want to add some permanent body color.  I'm a fan of the simple, natural look. 

Abraham Lincoln believed that God loved ordinary people, that's why He made so many of them!

Male Wood Ducks (background) and Male Mallard (foreground)

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