Monday, November 22, 2010

Importance of daydreaming

Great Blue Heron... daydreaming of fishing?

Walking partner on bridge
To balance out an earlier blog entry on "mind-wandering", how about let's hear it for daydreaming!  An article in today's StarTribune by Harvey McKay, a very successful businessman, referenced a study that indicated high achievers think, fantasize and dream constantly about how to improve their performance and achieve their goals.  He recommended keeping a dream journal to keep track of ideas when sleeping at night or napping during the day.  Mr. McKay went on to advise the best way to make those dreams come true is to wake up and get to work ;-)

Tire tracks on road

I've been dreaming about making a waxing table for cross country skis for a week now.  I've done some research on models others have made, so now it is time to quite the dreaming and get it done!

A few pictures of the fresh snow this morning....

Snow on ice

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