Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ode to the Tamarack

Who are you Tamarack, gracefully standing geometrically poised?  Some of your family enjoy moist swampy soils while others reside loftily, soaking up the sun’s rays along mountainsides.

Neither fully deciduous nor coniferous. How is it that you decided, unlike the rest of your coniferous friends, to turn a radiant yellow and then deciduously drop your once rubbery needles and stand bare through the winter months?

Double agent of a tree, you've assumed a common alias, Larch. What the heck, some even call you Hackmatack. You whisper secrets among your masses in the boreal forests of Russia and Canada.

Persevere Tamarack, and continuing confounding those who would hope to classify and put you in the proper box. You, my friend, are an enigma, not easily defined.  Be proud of the unique, mystifying, and awe inspiring creation that is you.


  1. And I remember driving up north with my parents when young and asking why all the brown pine trees were dying that fall. Eventually learning that they were tamaracks and that was normal.

  2. Yes, they certainly are a curiosity among trees.
    Thanks for the sharing Dean. All the best!