Monday, May 21, 2012

The kindness of strangers

My wife and I were reminded of the kindness of strangers this weekend when good Samaritans quickly responded after my wife took a tumble off her bike on a country gravel road.  We had traveled to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament to watch our daughter play and brought our bikes along to ride before the games started. While biking my wife had just turned from a blacktop road onto one with loose gravel and immediately slide out of control. She banged up her arm, shoulder and got a major laceration just below one knee. Within just a few minutes a man living in a country house nearest to the accident quickly came over and offered to help.  When this man had gone to his house for ice and clean towels to put on my wife's wounds a man in a car by also stopped to see if he could provide any aid.  The man living nearby later drove my wife and her bike to the Ultimate Tournament, where a first aid tent was there to help with the clean-up of the wounds.

Once at the Ultimate Tournament a volunteer at the first aid tent quickly cleaned the wounds and another volunteer drove my wife around as needed in a golf cart.  The doctor that later gave her nine stitches noted the fine job that the volunteers had done of cleaning the wound.

While we hear plenty of the horrible things going on around the world, isn't it great to witness the kindness of perfect strangers?

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