Thursday, May 17, 2012

A few good reasons to volunteer

Yesterday was my last day of the school year volunteering with a third grade class of students at a nearby school.  Most of the time I helped with basic math; subtraction, multiplication and division. It was always a day brightener to spend time with the kids, who were eager to learn and do their best to improve. They also exhibited great honesty and enthusiasm.

At choir practice last night I was also pleased to learn that a volunteer I recruited from my church to tutor also felt like he had a rewarding year.  A couple of weeks ago he even had me take a picture of him with the Nigerian ambassador to America when he was in town to speak for a Books for Africa event.  He will be sharing this picture with one of his students who is a Nigerian native. 

As often seems to be the case I felt like I gained far more than I received by volunteering.  It is a great feeling to know that you can provide encouragement to a young person, and maybe even help them to gain vital life long skills.  Of course the year-end thank-yous were also a nice touch!

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