Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Benefits of shoreline restoration

Natural shoreline presenter
The City of Crystal Parks and Recreation Commission held a public gathering to celebrate Arbor Day earlier this spring at the Twin Lakes Shores Park.  Prior to their regularly held meeting an expert on shoreline restoration shared information on how to develop a natural shoreline.

There was considerable opposition by neighbors who were in attendance of the current "no mow" policy along the shoreline. They preferred a well groomed regularly mowed lawn down to the water's edge.  However residents also expressed concern about a degradation of the water quality.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources shores without native plants tend to have:
  • Poor water quality
  • A loss of wildlife 
  • City of Crystal Parks &
    Recreation Commission
  • Erosion and may require regular mowing
Natural shorelines provide the following benefits:
  • Attractive to view, and lower maintenance than a lawn
  • Improved water quality, while increasing the health and diversity of the aquatic environment
  • Diversity and health of shoreline vegetation and critical habitat for fish and wildlife. 
The DNR has a website, Restore your shore, with much useful information on shoreline restoration.

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