Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gladys Austin Iris

Gladys Austin Iris
A few years back while googling my grandmother's maiden name I was thrilled to discover that there was an iris with her same name; Gladys Austin.  I emailed a grower in Texas who sent me a couple of the iris tubers in the mail.  After receiving them I promptly planted them and waited.  The first season, no bloom. The second season I divided them and put them in a couple of different locations, still no blossom.  Finally this past  year I found a spot with good drainage and plenty of light, and was thrilled that just yesterday one of the plants finally blossomed.

The Gladys Austin is a rather showy bearded iris.  This in keeping with my Grandma Gladys. She was know to wear a fair amount of jewelry, and didn't shy from pink polyester.  Despite being of modest means and humble spirit, she didn't mind a bit of bling!  So now as I look at this beautiful blooming iris I will forever be reminded of my Grandmother Gladys.

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