Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Processed red meat can be a killer

A recent study done by the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that eating processed meat, such as hot dogs, bacon and cold cuts increases the odds of developing heart disease and diabetes.  The increased risk caused by processed meat may be that it has considerably more salt and nonsalt preservatives than does unprocessed red meat.

Though I may sound AntiAmerican by writing this, I hope that more of us will begin to realize that hot dogs, while cheap and easy to make, aren't all that great for us. I'm pleased to report I haven't read any studies indicating a problem with eating an occasional piece of apple pie along with a scoop of natural vanilla ice cream.

A Tofu, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich is starting to sound better and better to me.  Actually, there are literally hundreds of tasty and creative ways to prepare tofu.  "Healthy tofu recipes and cooking tips" from Eating Well, provides some tasty ideas.

The full article, "Read meat: Avoid the Processed stuff", is available at Harvard Health Publications.

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