Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oil subsides continue under the influence of money

The recent voted by the US Senate to protect $23.5 billion in tax breaks for oil companies is disheartening.  (Senators who voted to protect oil tax breaks received $23,582,5000 from big oil). Interesting to see the strong correlation between the money received by those voting for big oil tax breaks by the oil and gas companies versus those that voted against the subsidy.

I like the recommendation made by one observer that legislators wear the corporate logos of those businesses who are so magnanimously supporting their political campaigns. They would look a little like race car drivers.  However I'm not sure however that their suits could accommodate so many logos.

Even a "conservative" meteorologist like Paul Douglas has gone on the record questioning the Republican support of our national energy policy. Mr. Douglas notes something that I've long been chagrined about, "conserve" is a root of the word conservative. (A message from a republican meteorologist on climate change).

One of the simple things that our automotive industry could to to help us conserve energy would be to add gas gages to our vehicles that provide instantaneous measurements of fuel economy.  While making a couple of longer road trips in a Prius this week I found I was much more conservative in my driving that I would have  been otherwise. I could see the significant improvement in miles per gallon (MPG) when driving 55 MPH versus 70 MPH.

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