Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veterans Day Memorial Event

Vietnam Veterans Memorial    "We were young. We died. Remember us."

Only 50 yards from the Veterans for Peace group was another gathering of military veterans recognizing Memorial Day. They met around the Vietnam War Memorial located on the south end of Minnesota State Capital grounds.  

The primary speaker of the event was a mother who had lost her only child.  He died in combat as Ranger during the war in Afghanistan.  By enlisting in the military after 9/11 he was following in his grandfathers footsteps, who, from an early age, was something of a hero to this young man. 

This mother told of how since her son's loss she has been supported by vets, especially those from the Vietnam war.  She also indicated appreciation of the military that make it possible for her to feel safe sleeping at home, not having to worry about terrorist or foreign invaders. 

Sadly, there are many living in this country that worry nightly about the safety of their homes and neighborhood. For many they even worry about their children's safety coming and going from school.  I'm reminded of the slogan "wage peace, not war".  

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